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25 Artists Celebrating 9 Episodes


25 Artists Celebrating 9 Episodes

The Officially Unofficial Fan Art Show is a group of talented local and international artists celebrating a movie franchise that changed us all and influenced pop culture and the ways movies are made forever. This is our tribute to that universe.


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Meet the Artists



Drawing inspiration from icons of our time, Bowman’s work provides personality to contemporary pop culture. He boldly explores the humour in today’s society and it’s over-saturation with idolization, the media, and consumerism. The recycled, retro feel of Bowman’s work comes from his use of discarded, common-place items – old mirrors, windows, door and a variety of other surfaces – as his canvas. New School Lounge Pop for all those Old School kids out there.


Bowman on Instagram


Eric Clement

Eric is a Montreal-born and now Toronto-based artist with a passion for pop culture, collectables and nostalgia. His work ranges from murals to miniature whimsy. Eric works primarily with acrylic on wood panels but also dabbles in moulding and casting as inspiration for his own work.

Eric is married, with a young son and a French bulldog named Louie who is also his studio mate. He holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Concordia University.


Eric on Instagram


Cube Works

Cube Works is a small collaborative of specialized talents, our studio began pushing the boundaries of modern art using the iconic Rubik’s cube and has slowly expanded our portfolio of work to include collections created with Crayola Crayons, LEGO bricks, Vinyl Record Mosaics, Spools of Sewing Thread, Dice, Guitar Picks as well as Mixed Media and Fine Art paintings and portraits – the possibilities for art are infinite.


Cube Works on Instagram


Brent Andrew Doty

Throughout my life and artistic explorations I have always been fascinated with Pop Culture, Celebrities, and their ability to both inspire and repulse the masses simultaneously. By replacing the brushstroke with images I was able to construct large works of art out of juxtaposed, biographical, and otherwise symbolic imagery. The repetition in Serialism mimics our own mass consumer culture and also gives me the ability to convey a visual narrative within each piece.


Brent on Instagram



D$ is a Toronto-based painter who has done exterior and interior murals for Budweiser’s head office and Page One Cafe. His work was first published on the front cover of the Montreal Gazette’s Sunday Comic Book insert, at age 7. HIs portrait paintings currently hang in Toronto at H Bar, Page One Cafe, Red Line Cafe, Red Lion Advertising Agency, SNDWRX Audio, and Cylinder Sound & Film. He is also a Film/TV actor who has shared the screen with Mark Wahlberg, Jeremy Renner, Kirsten Dunst and Leonard Nimoy, as well as a Sony Records-signed musician who has opened for Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, Hoobastank and Goo Goo Dolls.

D$ on Facebook

D$ on Instagram


Adrian Hayles

Blurring the lines between graffiti and ultra-realism, Adrian’s voice and vision is instantly identifiable. His works include countless portraits and illustrations for various magazines and collaborations with the City of Toronto to develop murals for vacant community spaces.

In the past Adrian has painted complete buildings and city blocks, designed award-winning video games and animated television shows. He has also successfully developed and filed a functioning patent for the Stud Horse Foldable Drawing Bench and is the Principal and Founder of Behind the Front Visual Arts Studio.


Adrian on Instagram


Paul Jackson

British artist currently based in Toronto. I love drawing stuff – the weirder the better. Gold record for the album ‘Old Crows/Young Cardinals’ by Alexisonfire.
Platinum record for the album “Little Hell’ by City And Colour.
Young Guns album ‘Bones’ voted best cover by Kerrang! in 2011.


Paul on Instagram



Joe is a concept artist & illustrator with over a decade of work experience in various industries including comic book, animation, video games and toys. His client list includes Microsoft, Udon Entertainment, Capcom, Blizzard/Tokyo Pop, Marvel, DC comics, Wildstorm, National Geographic, Silicon Knights, Sota Toys, LeapFrog, SEGA, Mattel and much more. His main focus is character and creature design.

Joverine on Instagram



AKA Paul McCue

Paul is a lifelong maker. Often from found, salvaged and up-cycled materials.

Paul incorporates his love of pop culture, science fiction and fantasy into his work.

He is doing what he did when he was a teenager. Only now and he does not get grounded for it…


Modulicious on Instagram


Stu Playdead

Clothing, Art, furniture and instruments for the Black Collar worker.


Stu on Instagram



Aka – Andrew Kidder. Toronto based artist, best known for his sign painting and hand lettering. His work can be found in various bars, restaurants, tattoo parlours, barber shops and other locations across Toronto.

Rcade on Instagram


Eric Vedder

Eric Vedder career has spanned nearly 20 years in the industry. From comic book artist, illustrator, animator to painter, concept artist and art director, he’s had the pleasure of working on many high profile projects. Currently, he is employed as the lead concept artist at Digital Extremes, a triple-A studio responsible for the smash hit game, WARFRAME. Alongside this, he works tirelessly away on his personal project AARDEHN, the Devil’s Leech, which will be released in 2016.


Eric on Instagram

A portion of all proceeds goes directly to the MS Society of Canada via F.U.MS. To learn more about F.U.MS and their programs, visit Turning Anger Into Hope.

Store now open.

Prints and originals now available at our new online store. Get yours today and help F.U.MS support kids affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

News & Updates

About Us.

Curated by Trevor Bowman, Fan Art Show is a series of gallery art shows that feature local/international artists celebrating everything from movie franchises to various other pop culture that have inspired countless generations. Proceeds of every sale goes to F.U.MS – series of events from axe throwing to golf tournaments to rock concerts to raise money and awareness for youth affected by multiple sclerosis, created by Aaron Solowoniuk, drummer for multi-platinum-selling Canadian rock band Billy Talent.


Trevor Bowman


Trevor Bowman

(Bo-Man-Eye-Tis) – Adding Personality to Pop Culture since 1998.
I grew up like most kids of the 80’s: with Star Wars and acid washed jeans. Comic books and Sci Fi movies had a big influence on me. My choice in materials is fueled heavily by my schooling and experience in animation as I treat all my glass canvases as an animation cell by drawing on one side of the pane and using the other for colours and backgrounds. I also incorporate old window frames and table tops to give my work a retro, organic, lived-in feel. New School Lounge Pop.

Joey Proulx

Digital Manager
“I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code.”
I live and breathe the web. A passionate online geek, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit from launching successful web development and hosting start-ups such as Nerd North Media to social media networks and blogs like GeekPr0n. Nerd North was Joey’s answer to bringing all his loves under one roof – a media company that brings people together through music, entertainment, web and events.


Joey Proulx


Contact Us & Gallery

Royal Acadamy Of Illustration & Design
1720 Queen St W,
Toronto, ON M6R 1B3

Interested in being involved or becoming a sponsor? Get in touch with us at  [email protected]